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    Newbie question: filters for 2 different data sources

    Sasha Harteveld

      Hi. I am trying to create a dashboard with two data sets.


      Dataset one is called "service details and change plan"; this dataset contains a list of services provided and what proposed change dates are anticipated (I've stripped out the detail as much as I can for this exercise)

      Dataset two is called "service volumes by channel"; this data set contains a list of transactions for services by month and channel (online, phone, counter, other etc)


      The majority of the graphs are created from dataset one, and are functioning fine on my dashboard. My problem is, when I introduce my final graph that I need (generated from dataset two) the filters I have applied on the dashboard do not function. I tried joining the datasets together with an inner join using the field 'agency' but that changed the figures so the numbers generated in sheet 26 is no longer accurate.


      Any suggestions? In the attached dashboard you can see what I have created so far, the graph that's causing the trouble is 'sheet 26'. Sheet 26 is setup how I need it as we speak (with online at 56% for March 2016) but as you can see the 'department' and 'franchise' filters for the dashboard do not work on this graph (even though those fields are in both datasets). All the other graphs are functioning exactly how I want them too... just not sure how to get the filters working on that graph also - help?


      I've attached the datasets on the same excel workbook, and I've also attached my draft dashboard (still working on it so don't judge). PLEASE HELP!!!