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    Need Suggestion on this dataset.


      Hi Guys,


      Below is customer  data that has sales by month  -  As you can see there are some customers that have no sales in some months. That means the customer did buy some stuff from this vendor 2 to 3 consecutive months and then dropped for one month and then again bought for 2 months and then dropped again for good.


      The business question  I am trying to answer is how many customers dropped buying stuff from this vendor after 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 months. Maybe like a selection box on where the business users can select the dropped month (1,2,3,4...5....... upto 24)


      I am not sure how would i start building this visualization/ Any suggestions would be very helpful? I have attached the datasheet  - Sheet 1 has raw data & Sheet 2 has the same dataset but in a different format.





      Customer 1106.51105.7395.280100.8334.6400000
      Customer 20000034.5969.8332.4762.5893.1565.38
      Customer 30000028.8659.8657.4932.52065.07
      Customer 432.4549.73234.410057.25000055.38
      Customer 564.6233.69000000000
      Customer 6171.27218.01165.81176.51193.04164192.36128.56168.73186.14172.57
      Customer 700000172.04205.76224.71285.86198.47135.17
      Customer 8000042.92243.547.2761.75000
      Customer 90097.22159.448961.4192.6395.5688.62120.7993.67
      Customer 1036.7448.45000000000
      Customer 110000000100.12196.08263.68243.07
      Customer 1247.73132.6839.3135.2333.24000000
      Customer 1300000000028.22168.69
      Customer 1400000000095.7197.85
      Customer 1500000000031.9664.12
      Customer 1600000000158.2742.440
      Customer 1763.1788.5391.8591.9979.03000000
      Customer 180000108.33198.8196.77151.95112.27224.29162.64
      Customer 19000000000120.97175
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          Tharashasank Davuluru



          For your use case Cohort analysis will fit .Cohort Analysis is used to study the behavior or outcomes associated with a group of people over time. In Tableau you can perform cohort analyses and explore different groupings to understand consumer preferences, cause and effect relationships, and what is likely to happen to members of a particular cohort over time.


          It might be worthwhile to have a look through the knowledge base article on Cohort Analysis. Your cohort would be defined by users who made a purchase in a specific month.


          Tips for Cohort Analysis | Tableau Software


          Hopefully this will be of some help...

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            Tharashasank Davuluru


            format your data in this way



            Customer 101-06-2015120
            Customer 101-07-2015130
            Customer 101-08-2015140
            Customer 101-09-2015150
            Customer 101-10-2015160
            Customer 101-11-2015170
            Customer 101-12-2015170
            Customer 101-01-2016120
            Customer 101-02-2016130
            Customer 101-03-2016140
            Customer 101-04-2016150
            Customer 201-06-2015160
            Customer 201-07-2015170
            Customer 201-08-2015120
            Customer 201-09-2015130
            Customer 201-10-2015140
            Customer 201-11-2015150
            Customer 201-12-2015160
            Customer 201-01-2016170
            Customer 201-02-2016120
            Customer 201-03-2016130
            Customer 201-04-2016140
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              Thanks Tharashasank!


              I tried using the cohort analysis step by step from the link above. It's not giving me the results i am looking for. Can you please suggest any other approach? I have attached the workbook if you want to look at the dataset.


              Thanks for your help in advance,