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    Reverse Color Conditional Formatting for One Measure

    Mark Solomon

      I have a row that calculates the % difference of a particular measure (impressions, clicks, CPC, etc) from the data in the previous row, and have the conditional formatting to be red when negative, and green while positive.

      However, for one particular measure, Cost Per Click, I want the conditional formatting to be reversed, so that it is red while positive, and green while negative. Basically I want to know if I am able to have different conditional formatting rules for different measures on the same sheet:


      As an example, I want to replicate what was done on this excel sheet where one cell had a different conditional formatting rule from the rest of the cells on the same row:


      Ideally, I don't want to have to create a separate sheet. Is this possible, or can someone direct me towards a post that addresses this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!