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    Connecting to SQL Server using NTLM auth from Mac

    Tom Walter

      I can't connect to SQL server from Tableau on MacOSX.


      The instructions provided by Tableau for this only cover kerberos authentication:

      Using Windows Authentication to Connect to a SQL Server Data Source from a Mac Computer Running Tableau Desktop | Tablea


      However, unfortunately Kerberos doesn't work for me, as the sql server is in a different domain to the one that my account is in, and there is not two-way trust between the domains (long story). Using SQL server authentication is out of the question as the authentication needs to be managed via AD for security reasons.


      That said, I can connect to the server from JDBC using other tools as long as I configure them to use NLTM authentication. However I can't seem to get Tableau to do this. Simba's documentation appears to suggest that it should be possible



      However I can't seem to get it to work. Has anyone ever attempted this successfully, or have any other suggestions about connecting to sql server from mac when kerberos isn't available?