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    Rank the dimension and pick largest

    Rupali Negi

      Hi Friends,


      I am running into a problem. It is kind of complicated and I am not sure how to solve it.

      So my data is somehow like this..



      I have bunch of customer ID with their market code grouping into one organisation ID(OEID).

      For example 3015243005. This OE ID has 8 Customer ID grouped into it. Each customer ID has its own market code.

      So my requirement is I have to see maximum number of distinct market code inside any OE ID and give the OE ID with that market code.Means here OE ID 3015243005 has bunch of Customer id, and the market code occurring most inside this OE ID is TECH_SER, so we will give this OE ID a single market code as TECH_SER.


      I am thinking this can be achieved by total count of the distinct market code occurring inside an OE ID and then picking the greater one.Friends can you help me figure out how to solve this??I am novice and it seems a little complicated problem for me.

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