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    User Permissions on Individual Dashboards.

    Eric Horio

      Is there an easy way to restrict visibility on certain dashboards for certain people? I have 1 workbook, with 6 dashboards total, that has user filters on 3 regional dashboards, so only the salespeople who own their respective region can see their own deals. But I have 3 more dashboards that show a worldwide view and I only want upper management to see those 3 tabs. In the end, I don't want the salespeople who can see the 3 regional dashboards to see the worldwide dashboards. But I want upper management to see all 6 dashboards.  In other words, even though there are 6 dashboards total, I want the upper management people to see all 6 dashboards, but the salespeople to only see the 3 regional dashboards they are responsible for. Can this be done?

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          Tharashasank Davuluru

          HI Eric Horio ,


          Yes, we can set the permissions implementing row level security by using filter at group level.

          1. In Tableau Desktop, select  Server > Log On and then type in Tableau Server log-in credentials.
          2. Right-click in the Data window and then select Create Calculated Field.
          3. Name the field, enter the below formula, and click OK :
            ISMEMBEROF('[<group name>]')
          4. Drag the calculated field to Filters card.
          5. Select True and then click OK.
            Note: You must be logged in as a user of the selected user group to select True.
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            Eric Horio

            I have a few questions:


            1) is the <group name> the name of each individual that I want to be able to see the WW Dashboard? If I wanted to put multiple names in the field, do I just separate it by a comma?


            2) Will the true allow me to see or not see the WW dashboard?


            3) I tried doing this and it didn't allow me to see the data, but is there a way to hide the entire dashboard? At the top it shows the title but not data. I would rather hide the entire tab so nobody knows it exists. Otherwise people will be asking why they cant see the data, but they can see the title.



            Now the 3 attachments:


            1) Can I add more names? I have names of each individual I would like to see the dashboard and I would assume those that I don't want to see the dashboard will be left out of the calculation


            2) What does the "true" do?


            3) the "True but Dashboard..." pic shows what happens after the calculation, but people can still see the title. I need to hide the entire tab, so people don't know it exists if they dont have access.

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              Tharashasank Davuluru


              In your case  you can't give  permission for  individual components on a dashboard. You can permission, to see or not see the entire:



              3.Views (the dashboards in the workbook)


              if you want to control the permission for actual data you can use row level permission this will allow you to see the chart /table but what appears in the view will be restricted based on the row level.


              You can set sheet level permissions but to avoid the workbook level permission overriding the sheet level, you have to make sure that when you publish, you deselect "Show sheets as tabs"


              You can also change this setting when the workbook has been published by selecting the workbook on Server and clicking Tabs > Hide Tabs




              Set Permissions for Workbooks and Views

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                Eric Horio

                Ok, here's a visual of what I would like. I would like the "Detail-Booked Line" tab/dashboard to be hidden for the sales reps, but I would like it visible for upper management. In other words, the reps can't see the "Detail-Booked Line" tab/dashboard nor any of the data, components, titles, etc. I don't want them to know it's even there. But I do want upper management to be able to see it, the title, data, the tab, etc. I'm hoping there is a way.

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                  Heather Knous-Westfall

                  Just to clarify that I understand this, can I do the following:


                  We have a survey that we are connecting to via a web data connector (so an extract) with evaluations for faculty. Only the dean and the faculty member themselves are allowed to see their data. Is it possible to create permissions so only the relevant instructor can select their name on the filter? So if I add a program/instructor filter to the dashboard, ideally, either their name would be the only one they see OR they wouldn't be able to select other instructors on the drop down menu?


                  I thought about creating separate dashboards for each instructor, but since this is an extract and we can't extract the data on a regular schedule (we can only release data after grades are posted each qtr), the amount of time it would take to individually refresh hundreds of extracts on individual dashboards is just not realistic.


                  Any advice???