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    How to create a relationship between two measures?

    Dan Armstrong

      Hi, I think this is a pretty basic question but nevertheless I am flummoxed.


      I have two spreadsheets as two data sources. One has a list of 13 periods and a percentage for each period.

      The other has a list of annual sales goals categorized by region and product.

      I want to combine these two data sources so that I can display sales goals by period, region and product. So for instance East region for Apples and Grapes for Period 1 would be (90+95) * 7.49% or $13.86.


      When I try to combine the fields -- say, goals on columns and periods on rows -- I get this dialog:

      And when I go to "Edit Relationships" the choice I get is not very useful. What I want to do is multiply the measure for the period (the percentage) times the measure for the product, region or whatever combination I choose (the sales goal). It seems that this only allows me to map a single dimension to a single dimension.


      I've added a little packaged workbook with the data. There's something very basic which I am not understanding here.


      I suppose I could fix this by combining the two spreadsheets, but I have simplified my example, and I don't have any control over how the data comes in.


      Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.