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    Web Page Parts In A Dashboard Loading At Filter Change Time (i.e., without user selection)?

    Brian Scott

      Hey everyone -


      Let's say that as part of my ETL process I can have my component write some simple .html pages out for each filterable object in my tableau result set, and I can include the full path to that .html page in my eventual .tde.  Let's say that my data file looks like this:



      Year        Value         URL

      2012       90              www.theonion.com

      2013       100            www.cnn.com

      2014       110            www.reddit.com


      Great.  I build a view of year and value and put year on the filter tab with a scrolling filter action.  I drag URL to the detail pill.


      I then can build a dashboard and drag my page onto it.  I can then drag a webpage part onto the dashboard.  I can't seem to give it <URL> as a value.  I *can* create a dashboard action and attach it to <URL> in the url, then select 'select', 'menu', or 'hover', and then the web part will load, but only if the user selects/menus/hovers over my point of interest.  But what if I don't want the user to have to do anything except move the filter forward or backward?  How do I get the web page part to refresh to a new URL as a function of the filter changing alone, not the filter changing and then the user taking some action?


      Any insight is greatly appreciated.