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    Use tableau desktop _without_ cache (e.g. realtime)

    Roberto Postma

      Hi community,


      Yesterday, I got the question if, when you work in Tableau desktop, the live connection, is _really_  realtime.


      I anwered  "yes", and explained "as opposed to using an extract... it is a "live connection"  "




      But we tested it... and Tableau seems to not send a query everytime to get the latest info from the datasource (in our test a small SQL server table).

      Probably it tries to benefit from "caching" mechanisms... But what if you _really_ want to be "realtime" and don't want to push the 'Refresh' button?

      Are there settings available to be "really realtime"? Or is that simply not possible?



      If not possible, how frequently is the cache updated? Every 10m? every hour?