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    Adjusting a Calculation for YTD

    Cody Huth

      Hello all,


      I have the below calculation currently in a tableau dashboard I am using.  I want to be able to pull YTD totals, however I now need to adjust this to play well with multiple years.


      If [Metric] = 'YTD' then (if [Date]<= [Month] then [Converted Balances] else null end)

      elseif [Metric] = 'MTD' then ( if [Date] = [Month] then [Converted Balances] else Null end)




      So for Metric = YTD i need to take Date > 01/01/2016 and less than or equal to Month...and pull those balances....

      The MTD part would stay the same.  How do i add the logic for Date > 01/01/2016????