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    javascript Error in Edge/ie when using API.  Works in Chrome

    Ted Slinkard

      Tableau Server 9.2


      I am displaying a view in a website on a trusted server.  it works in Chrome but in Edge and IE I get several Javascript errors. 

      my VizURL is http://ServerName/trusted/RQvgCVnIQuhe42ZhTpPgFee2/views/test1/TestView?:embed=y

      so as you can see I am getting my trusted ticket and passing it thru correctly


      This is in asp.net just a simple default.aspx page


      you can see the errors in the screen shot atatched I see in edge


      however if I run the javascript api tutorial JavaScript API Tutorial  it works in edge just fine.  this makes me think it may be something on our hosted server but I'm not sure what to look at. 


      in my javascript I simply build the url and set the vizDiv to the div on the default.aspx page and run

      var options = {

              width: vizDiv.offsetWidth,

              height: vizDiv.offsetHeight,

              hideTabs: true,

              hideToolbar: true


          viz = new tableau.Viz(vizDiv, vizURL, options);


      I don't see any errors in fiddler from either browser.


      any suggestions on where I can look to resolve this would be appreciated.