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    issue with setting up calculation

    Sabine Honer

      Hi All,


      I need help and I couldn't come up with an approach so far :-(

      I have a database with names and dates. Each line represents one call.

      I would like to flag each month with either 1 or 0, if a note is sent to specific name/person.


      So, if the person as made 10 calls within the last 6 month a note should be sent only if person didn't get any note within the last 3 month.


      In order to make it flexible I have made parameters for amount of calls, for last n month and within the last n month.



      My big issue is, how to set up calculation to get a line per name with 0 and 1.




      I am really thankful for any kind of hints.

      In case of any questions or comments, please let me know.




      Best regards



      Please find workbook here (unfortunately couldn't directly attach it): Dropbox - Sabine14.twbx