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    Toggle between Stacked Bar and Regular Bar charts


      Is there any way to create a dashboard button that will toggle charts between stacked and "regular"?  The stacked bar is nice when the user is looking at 1-5 categories, but anymore than that and the view becomes obfuscated by trying to squeeze too much in too small an area.  On the Sheet this is ok because there is plenty of real estate, but on the dashboard it's messy.


      Is there a way to create a control that will allow the user to toggle stacked bar on/off?  So that when all 15 categories are selected, they can remove the "Category by Color" element of the graph and instead just show totals.  Or, switch between Category by Color and Category by Label, Detail etc.  Sorry, I don't yet know the term for the Color, Size, Label, Detail, Tooltip area of the sheet.