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    Is it possible to create a pie chart with no dimensions?

    Eric Volker

      I have some data that I am trying to make into a pie chart. The data was calculated before it came into Tableau.


      For example, lets say that I have two metrics and their values:

      test metric:  45%

      control metric: 55%


      I have the raw numbers too if that helps

      total: 100

      control: 55

      test: 45



      These were already calculated for the time period I am look at in sql.


      What I want to do is create a pie chart that only has these two metrics in it. Is it possible to do this?

      Whenever I try to do this in Tableau, it just creates two separate pie charts for each metric. So the pie chart I would have is 250 and 350 in the same pie chart.


      Unfortunately, the data is in a production environment so I can't attach it in this question.