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    Tableau and SSAS hierarchies

    Pasi Tyni



      I'm creating Tableau dashboard and I need to hide or unhide columns based on user selections in hierarchy

      My data comes from Microsoft SSAS multidimensional cube. In the cube there is a hierarchy, that is like level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4


      I want to show target and actual values in the level 1, but when user opens the level 2, report should unhide some new columns, like value 1, value 2 and value 3


      How can I manage this ?


      Other question is that can I drill down and up in my hierarchy in rows .. not in columns. I mean that the hierarchy is in rows and I can drill hierarchy down by one row at the time ?


      I also want to know is there any way determine the level of the hierarchy that user has selected ?


      I'm using Tableau desktop 9.3