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    Edit data source in a published workbook.

    Andrée Roos

      I am currently working with a project where we use SSAS cubes as data sources. During development we often change which cubes we want to use and the process of doing so has not been very flexible. When working in Tableau Desktop we change the data source information directly in the XML.


      Whenever we want to change any information on the published workbooks, we need to download those, edit the XML and re-publish them. This takes a lot of time and I was hoping for a more automated way of accomplishing this. This leads to my question:


      Is it possible to edit the data source information inside a published workbook by using the REST api?


      I know that you can do some stuff with separate published data sources, but since we are using SSAS cubes this is not possible. The data source information must be embedded in the workbook (though I have no idea why this is the case.). It would be great if we could do these adjustments by accessing the workbook information directly in some way.


      I would really appreciate if anyone has some info on this subject.