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    automating pdf using default site

    Kalyani Ramasubramaniam


      I am  trying to generate pdf using tabcmd get. I don't have any site so the site is default. How do i specify a default site in the login info

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      the command is: tabcmd login -s servername -t Default -u username -p password. So test it out, i added a new site test and used that in the login and everything worked fine. But my issue is that I am unable to to do this for default. It will be helpful if anyone knows how to fix this. Because all my workbooks are currently in default site. Thanks in advance of the help.

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          Venkat Madan

          Hi Kalyani,


          If you dont use the -t in your command then it will redirect to the default site itself. only if you want to redirect to sites other than default you need to use -t.




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            Tharashasank Davuluru

            Hi Kalyani,


            The following command demonstrates starting a session with the Tableau Server named tabserver.myco.com:

            tabcmd login -s http://tabserver.myco.com -u admin -p p@ssw0rd!

            The next example shows a command that deletes a workbook named Sales_Workbook:

            tabcmd delete "Sales_Workbook" 

            Here’s how to accomplish all of the above with one command—note that you do not need login here:

            tabcmd delete "Sales_Workbook" -s http://tabserver.myco.com -u admin -p p@ssw0rd! 


            A Tableau Server can run multiple sites. When a workbook is on the Default site of a multi-site server you don't need to specify Default, the above command is sufficient. However, if the command applies to something on a site other than Default, you need to specify the site ID for that site (seelogin). Here's the same command for a workbook that's on the West Coast Sales site (site ID wsales):

            tabcmd delete "Sales_Workbook" -s http://tabserver.myco.com -t wsales -u admin -p p@ssw0rd! 
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              Kalyani Ramasubramaniam

              Hi Venkat,

              I am aware of this way too. So when i tried to not include -t Default in my login cmd line, its fine. And then when i use the get cmd to convert to pdf, it also generates a pdf and when i try opening it, i get an error pop up that says "there was an error opening this document. the file is damaged and could not be repaired". So thats kind of why i am stuck.