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    Mapbox Map blurry in 9.2 - Compatibility Issues(?)

    Eric Liong



      So what I'm trying to do is use the new Mapbox Studio maps (not classic) with Tableau 9.2. I realize 9.3 integrates these maps but we aren't able to upgrade and may not be able to for a little while.


      I couldn't find a way to open the new maps in 9.2. I did install, open and export the .tms file from my 9.3 install. I opened the .tms in notepad++ and changed the version from 9.3 to 9.2 and like magic the map opened in 9.2! But wait, my eye's aren't blurry, the map is! Below both are using the .tms file that has been edited to version 9.2 but the blurry version is running on Tableau Desktop 9.2 and the other is running on 9.3. In general it looks like everything is zoomed out but I'm not sure how that could've happened in Tableau.

      Workbooks have been attached but it doesn't seem to be an error in 9.3.


      Edit: I've also ran a text compare for a tms file in 9.2 and 9.3 and they're identical except for the map they're connecting to, the version and the build number. Changing the build number had no effect and changing the version to 9.2 was necessary to get it to open.


      Any suggestions? (I wish we could upgrade to 9.3 but no dice)

      Thanks for your help!

      9.2.1 Tableau Mapbox Blurry.png9.3 Tableau Mapbox.png