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    Standard deviation of a year on year calculation


      I would like to know how to calculate the standard deviation of a year on year increase in client revenues.


      Each client is broker down by type. Corporate etc.


      I would like to take the peer average which is the average increase in Revenues between last year YTD compared with current YTD by type.


      so steps would be:


      Calculate the peer average increase YoY % for Corporates: 15% for e.g.


      I would then like to be able to calculate the Standard deviation for all corporate clients so that I could see all clients that are within 1 standard deviation etc and what are the outliers and plot them in a graph, showing average, standard deviation above and below bands and plot the clients.


      Whenever I try to do this I always get the aggregation error that other posts have mentioned previously.


      Could anyone help with an approach to do this? Much appreciated.