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    Aliases for country codes

    Matan Bracha

      Hi All!


      I have in my extract (let's call it Extract A) a column of "Country code", and I want to replace it with "country name".

      I've tried creating an extract (let's call it Extract B) of countries that contains country code-country name, I've set "data relationship" between the two extracts, and created a new calculated field that contains both.

      The problem is that a field like that, that has the country code from extract A and country name from extract B is considered as having a calculation (demands ATTR()), and if so, I can't move that field to be a dimension.


      So my question is this - we all know that tableau has this data.

      Is there a way to define aliases for my country code column as the country name (based on the data in tableau?)


      thank you