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    Subtotal in cross-tab

    Matan Bracha

      Hi All!


      I'm building a cross-tab sheet that has 3 dimension columns and 3 measure columns.

      I want to display the "Subtotal" rows, but I don't want to show all of the subtotals - I want to show subtotal for one of the dimensions.

      Is there a way to choose which subtotals will appear?


      Thank you

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          Vasily Lavrov

          Hi, Matan Bracha!

          If I've understood you correctly, you should add all subtotals and then just disable some of them


          1. Analysis –> Totals –> Add All Subtoals


          2. Right-click on dimension and untick Subtotals

          Last step disables subtotal row for chosen dimension

          Repeat this action for other dimensions on the shelf where you don't want subtotals to appear


          Good luck!


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