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    Tableau online sync client credentials fail randomly?

    Jonathan Seaton

      I am having an issue with the tableau online sync client not recognising my credentials some of the time. I can't figure out why this might be the case and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to why this may be a problem? I understand that this is a very ambiguous question but if there is a solution then others might not have to go through the frustration I'm having!



      Some of my data sources won't update using the sync client. Using the exact same upload process for all my data sources, (even copy and pasting the user name and password to ensure each attempt is the same), when using the data sync client to test the connection I am told sometimes that the "credentials are valid", whilst other times I am told "Incorrect user name or password for this data source. Confirm that you have the appropriate permissions and re-enter your credentials" (see attachments).


      I have meticulously tried to find the difference between a successful one and an unsuccessful one but can't find the difference. My queries call from two databases but both have the same credentials so I thought this might be a problem, but the attached images are testerd to identify this as a problem but they don't make a difference.


      I am a few months into using Tableau Online and have roughly 30 data sources with a mind to add a lot more.. The updates are MySQL queries via my computer (Tableau doesn't have access to my database directly and can't for other reasons)


      If anyone can think of possible reasons I would appreciate it, I'm kinda stumped and so Tableau isn't useful until this is fixed!




      Unsuccessful with some:

      Successful with others: