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    Dimensions and Measures

    Kevin Bould

      Sorry, I know there are a lot of versions of this question around, but I've looked at A LOT of them and cannot fathom an answer. I know what I am asking should be possible, but it seems that it isn't, which baffles me. Iam hoping you can help


      I have some hotel data, much like the below (it's client data, so I cannot post real data)




      I need to have a dimension that groups by number of stays, filterable by date.


      So my overall  (unfiltered) table would show:



      I'd ideally like to then be able to filter by date.




      However to get stays, I need to do a count(stay id) (or just count, as it's a URN) which then means I cannot use it as a dimension, even if I manually create bins. I ideally want the discrete number first (as a dimension), then to great groups based on these.


      It seems to me, this should be a fairly straightforward thing, but it really isn't proving that. Any help at all is very much appreciated