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    How do I show the Axis Header for each Pane for dimension on a worksheet?


      I got a view like the one below which has been implemented by using the Dimensions rather than using Measures(Used the Sample Data Source)

      I have two questions

      In all the images the header is Showing the First letter of every month (J=January......)


      Initial Viz.PNG

      1)According to my requirement I need the Axis header to be repeated for every Ship mode rather than for each Row


      Month Headers to repeat 2.PNG

      I used the customer segment in the shapes and they were no actual measures in the requirement to develop the Viz.

      "I don't want the usage to be of two Worksheets combined on a Dashboard to achieve this Repeated header"



      2) If the Data Source doesn't have continuous data then for all Customer Segment (Shapes) then he months would change dynamically showing only the Data for those months alone in the header

      The question is how to make the Months header to be constant even if there is no actual data of Customer Segment available for all the months?

      Like in the Image below if i even don't have the data for october to display i need the months header to be constant

      Month Headers to repeat 2.PNG

      The months header need to be constant even if there is no data for each month Like the one below

      I need Rest of the months on the header

      only for some months.PNG