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    Tabadmin reindex error; Seach & Browse Server is Down.

    Nagarajan R


      When i log into Tableau web url, it displays the site name, however upon selecting a site it says "The page could not be accessed. The Search & Browse Server is down."

      When I see the Server status all is up with green tick mark

      Tried rebuilding index but it is throwing an error:

      "***Error: Search & Browse is not available: Make sure all Tableau related files and windows are closed, then stop the server, run "tabadmin reindex" and start the services"

      In the tabadmin log, it says "Response from solr=false"


      Tried restarting the application, physical machine (server) etc but still showing up the same error.

      Also checked the service account permissions on all Tableau Server folders and it is there with full control.


      Please help!!!