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    File Store always in Synchronizing mode

    Srinivas Devineni

      Hi All,


      After upgrading our servers from 9.0.5 to 9.2.7, File Store always in Synchronizing mode.


      Anyone else is facing this issue ?


      Thanks & Regards

      Srinivas D

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          Tharashasank Davuluru


          As per your screenshot i think its a high availability server.  May be you are having lot of extracts tats the reason it is showing that status continuously.


          When ever you you want to remove a file store from one to another then you need to decommission it and change it into read only mode. I guess you have not done it.


          The Tableau Server File Store process is installed along with the Data Engine and controls the storage of extracts. In highly available (HA) environments, the File Store ensures that extracts are synchronized to other file store nodes so they are available if one file store node stops running.

          ProcessFile Store
          File namefilestore.exe
          StatusStatus of the File Store process is visible on the Status Page. For more information, see View Server Process Status
          LoggingLogs are located in \logs\filestore. For more information, see Server Log File Locations

          The decommission Command

          If you want or need to remove a file store you should decommission the file store first, using the decommission command. Decommissioning puts the file store into read-only mode and copies any unique data contained in the file store to the other file store(s) in the cluster. While a file store is being decommissioned, this shows on the Status page, and once all unique content has been copied to other file store nodes, the decommissioned node shows as ready to be removed.




          Please check this.



          File Store

          File Store status only reflects the state of the file store when the page was loaded.

          • No extracts were being synchronized when the page was loaded. ( It is possible that the recurring "catch-all" job is running and synchronizing extracts.)
          • Extracts were being synchronized across file store nodes when the page was loaded.
          • Initial status following installation (both single-node and multi-node). Should disappear within 15 or 20 minutes.
          "Data Extracts unavailable"
          • Single-node installation: existing extracts may be available but publish/refresh will fail.
          • Multi-node installation: extract synchronization will fail for this node.
          No action is necessary unless the file store is regularly down or is down for an extended period of time.If that occurs, take the following actions, in order, until the problem is resolved:
          1. Check disk space. If disk space is limited, save the log files (tabadmin ziplogs) in case you need them for Support, and then remove unnecessary files (tabadmin cleanup).
          2. Stop the filestore.exe process using Windows Task Manager and let it restart automatically.
          3. Restart Tableau Server.
          4. Clean up the coordination service (ZooKeeper) files: Stop the cluster (tabadmin stop), clean up files (tabadmin cleanup --reset-coordination), and then start the cluster (tabadmin start).
          5. If the file store continues to be down, save the log files (tabadmin ziplogs) and contact Support.
          • File store is in read-only mode.
          • Any unique files on this node are being replicated to other file store nodes.
          Wait until the status message changes to "Ready for removal".
          "Ready for removal"
          • File store is in read-only mode.
          • Ready for user to stop cluster and remove data engine/file store or remove entire node.
          Stop Tableau Server (tabadmin stop) and then run the Configuration utility to remove Data Engine and File Store or the entire node.
          "Decommission failed"
          • File store is in read-only mode.
          • At least one unique file failed to replicate to another file store node.
          Take the following actions in order until the problem is resolved:
          1. Run the tabadmin decommission command again.
          2. Check disk space on other file store nodes. Decommissioning will fail if another file store node does not have enough space to store all the extracts.
          3. Check the tabadmin.log file on the primary node and workers for errors.
          4. Stop Tableau Server (tabadmin stop) and then try running the tabadmin decommissioncommand again.
          5. Put the file store node back into read/write mode (tabadmin recommission), collect logs, and then contact Support.
          6. With Support: copy and merge extractsdirectory from this file store node to the same directory on another file store node.
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            Srinivas Devineni



            I think my question was not clear enough.


            We have upgraded our servers last week i.e. 7th May, from that moment on wards File Store is in Synchronizing mode. How much ever large extracts or number of extracts which we have, This process shouldn't have taken a week time to Synchronize.


            Just to clarify, I am not trying to decommission any process over here.


            Thanks & Regards

            Srinivas D

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              Hi Srinivas,


              Did you get any solution for this? I have upgraded to 9.3.3 and getting the same issue.




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                Daniel Lewis

                I have upgraded from 9.3.3 to 10.0 and I am also having this issue.  Synchronization will eventually stop for about 30 seconds to a minute and then it starts back up again.


                The 9.3.3 DEV environment was very small and was not in use by customers yet.  There are only 2 or 3 extracts that should need to sync.


                Has anyone figured out a resolution to this issue?

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                  My issue was resolved after restoring the backup. It ran for about 15-20 minutes and it is normal. The backup file is about 20 GB, no issues seen so far.

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                    Chris Crombie

                    I have this issue also after upgrading to 10.0


                    Keep in mind, this is pre go-live for us so there is very little content on this server and no extracts yet. :-(


                    The strange thing is that is doesn't seem to affect performance at all.

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                      Egor Larin

                      The same thing for me.


                      I tried to restart all Workers with File Store

                      Run tabadmin cleanup --reset-coordination

                      Run tabadmin reindex


                      Still File Store is under Sync...


                      Because it is UAT I'm not sure that I can ask Tableau Support to help me. But still that is the steps for predupgrdae process from 9.2 to 10.0. And it seems 10 is ready to be in prod...

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                        Christa Kind

                        Hello all,


                        For version 9 of Tableau Server, a perpetual "synchronizing" status is typically seen if:

                        • There are no extracts on the server (see Issue ID 157779 in the release notes for 9.0.2 for more information)
                          • To address: publish an extract


                        • There is an issue with the coordination service
                          • To address: clean up the coordination\zookeeper files.
                            • With tabadmin, run:

                                                 tabadmin stop

                                                 tabadmin cleanup --reset-coordination

                                                 tabadmin start


                        *11/29 - Updated the below notes on the version 10 behavior to clarify two different instances of this issue:


                        In version 10.0.0, the behavior appears to be a reporting issue in server clusters with multiple File Store processes; there does not seem to be any impact to server functionality or performance. For this issue occurring in Tableau Server 10.0.0, a fix has been included in the 10.0.1 version or higher (within the 10.0 version line)

                        So far, this issue is only known to affect multi-node environments. If you are experiencing this issue on a single node Tableau Server install, please attempt the above steps (publish and reset), and then file a case with Tableau Support if this does not resolve.


                        In version 10.1.0 or 10.1.1, similar behavior to the 10.0 has been reported. A fix has been checked in for the upcoming 10.1.2 release of Tableau Server. Please upgrade when available to resolve this issue.


                        To receive notification of new releases, please subscribe to our Release News RSS feed.



                        - For TS 9, make sure extract content is published so the first sync can complete

                        - For TS 10.0, upgrade to 10.0.1 or higher within the same minor version line

                        - For TS 10.1, upgrade to 10.1.2 when available

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                          Erick Larin

                          I just upgraded our test instance to 10.1.1 and am seeing this behavior. There is only 1 extract configured for refreshing and I have already manually kicked off its refresh.



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                            Christa Kind

                            Hi Erick,


                            Could you file a support case for this issue and note this forum thread?

                            To open a case: http://www.tableau.com/support/request


                            It would be helpful if you could please include the following:

                            • Tableau Server logs: Archive Logs on Command Line (tabadmin)
                            • Screenshot of Tableau Server status view in a web browser (found at: <server name>/#/server/status).
                            • Any noted details\patterns: does the synchronizing state stop briefly and then start up again, or does it seem to be constant? How long has the behavior been occurring?
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                              Erick Larin


                              Thank you for the follow up. I've submitted a support case for this.



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                                Jeff Strauss

                                is there some sense of when 10.1.2 will be available?  We are anxiously awaiting so that we can do final testing and then move forward...

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                                  Erick Larin

                                  Upgrading to 10.1.2 has solved the issue for us.

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                                    Egor Larin

                                    Well... 10.2 beta 1 has that issue ;(

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