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    How to remove duplicate dimensions when Summing numbers.

    Joseph Giombi



      I am having the hardest time trying to (refer to screenshot) remove all the Duplicate "Reparse_NME" entries from the calculated sum. As you can see there are multiple Entries for ( D:\DBTranLog, D:\TempDB, D:TempDB01, Etc) when all of these have the the same value for Allocation_TB, FreeCapacity_MB_QTY, Subscription_TB, etc. I only need one value for each to be summed up. Min/Max of Reparse_NME does not seem to do the trick for me.


      This is probably something extremely easy but I just cannot figure this one out: /



      The duplicate data is there for a reason and is needed in other views, but when "drilled down" to this level I do not wan't these duplicates to be there.

      For example. There can be one Server with 15 databases, each database having a different SAIDAsset_ID. All 15 of those databases can have their Primary data file on DBData01 therefor DBData01 will show up 15 different times. At a higher level this grain of detail is desired but at this finer level of detail I would like to remove all but one Reparse Name for each unique value



      Any help would be appreciated,