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    JSON WDC/Parsing Issue

    Johh Bar



      I've attached the sample JSON file I'm using and an excel representation of how Tableau interprets the file.



      I'm looking to connect Tableau to a JSON file.


      I have successfully been able to connect to my JSON file using the Web Data Connector and https://tableau.github.io/webdataconnector/Examples/jsonConnector.html


      This is how my JSON file is structured: http://pastebin.com/raw/iLPYMyVk


      The issue is, when Tableau reads in the JSON data.. it does not


      1.  populate the "timeCell" or "venueCode" columns

      2. creates a new column for each zipcode instead of creating a new row for each zipcode


      Any idea on how I can get tableau to populate the timecell and venuecode columns and also create separate rows for each given zipcode?



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          Brendan Lee

          Hey John,

          The JSONConnector sample isn't incredibly complex when it comes to json parsing.  I believe it just looks for things at the first level of the JSON blob for its columns.

          You would need to make some changes to the code to make it smarter and be able to read more complicated JSON blobs.

          However, if you know the format of the JSON content you will be receiving in advance, you could make the WDC much simpler.  In that scenario, you can define the exact schema you want and then parse the data returned from the JSON blob directly into that table.