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    Action filters - Missing fields. But i dont need those fields in the target graph.


      Is there a way to use action filters on dimensions that you dont want in the target graph?


      I'll make a simple exemple.

      Two graphs. The first one is by Customer only. The second is by Product only.  Now when clicking on a Customer, i would want to see the products for this customer. The action filter will require that i add the Customer to the product graph. If i add the customers in the product graph, it breaks it. I dont need that.  EDIT: Sorry i missed a big detail. I dont want to filter in product or Customer. I need a dimension that is not available in both graph.


      I would have expected that, like when you place a pill in the filter shelf, you could filter a graph without breaking it into the filtered dimension. Did i miss something? Is there a way or a workaroung to achieve this?