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    REST Authentication behind Loadbalancer

    Thees Gieselmann




      currently we face a problem using the REST authentication interface on a Tableau Server which sits behind a loadbalancer (Amazon ELB).

      The situation is as following. The client application sends a authentication request every day at a specific time to tableau. We use the spring RestTemplate to send the request. Immediately the request gets resetted (SockectException: Connection reset) After that we give it another try and send a new authentication request from the same client and it works fine for a few minutes. At least for half an hour. After that time, something happens and the same behaviour pattern occurs again.

      Are there any known issues with tableau behind a loadbalancer and authentication?


      Browsing through the httpd logs from Tableau did not help us a lot. All authentication calls seem to have been working, and I can not find a hint to an exception being thrown that is related to this very issue.


      Is the client required to log out after each request is done?


      I appreciate any hints or help from you guys.


      Kind regards,