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    Displaying Last Value in a table of data (data source is connection to Salesforce.com)

    Ian Devonald


      I have a tableau workbook connected to Salesforce.com and am experiencing some frustrations with displaying the data I need.


      I need to display and calculate on Opportunity with Product Information.


      • Opportunity has product information associated to it.
      • Product Information data table shows all historical changes on the product rather than just the latest information.
      • There is no field available that assists in filtering the information as the latest record.
      • I have added the Product Information history table to get the last date.
      • I have set a filter on the date - as per Setting Default Date to Most Recent Date on a Filter | Tableau Software
      • However, the Grand Total totals all record values rather than the displayed values, as per screenshot below.


      Does anyone have a suggestion on a way to create a way to just show latest data associated to a record.


      As well as the Grand Total issue I have concerns that there will be performance issues with the way I have used


      I have attached a workbook that gives a sample of the data.

      Record ID - is the UID for the Product Information Table

      Entity History ID - is the UID for Product Information History Table.


      Many Thanks in advance for any suggestions - I'm just coming back to using Tableau after a couple of years and am remembering the Joys (and frustrations) of using Tableau.