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    Dynamic Categorical Assignments Based on Multiple Selections in a Filter

    Brian Scelzo

      Hey everyone, the title may be a bit convoluted, but I'm hoping the answer isn't!


      What I'm looking to accomplish is a view that would allow the end user to select two forecast periods for comparison.  My end user wants to see 3 tables:  a table that shows the prior fcst and a table that shows the current forecast and a table showing the variances.  Because of real estate and ease of use, I'd like to limit the filtering options to a single multiple filter.  What I need help with is the following:


      If  a user selects the March and April forecasts, I need Tableau to denote the March Forecast as Prior and the April forecast as Current.  This way, I can show/hide the appropriate data in each table.  Unfortunately I haven't had much success.  I tried a formula comparing the the dates (ie. if Max(Forecast Date) = Forecast Date Then "Current" Else "Prior" END) but that proved ineffective. 


      Below is a screengrab of the scrubbed date data- with other non-essential fields removed.  I've attached a .twbx copy as well.  I'm hoping you can help me produce a similar view (note this screengrab contains a dummy calculated field to assign current/prior for viewing purposes, it is not dynamic)