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    Waterfall chart using totals from multiple sheets (or data sources)

    Michael Lahey

      I am trying to create a waterfall chart for weekly task opening/completion. The current process is to run 4 access queries and use the results to populate a table in excel that is generating the graph, I'm hoping to automate. This data comes from a database and the criteria for being part of the input, open, and output all require different filtering, so I am using multiple worksheets to accomplish this goal. I attached a sample workbook, I just have no idea where to start to get these values on the different pages on to the same graph.

      As I was typing this I realized I might be able to use different data sources with filtered data, but I don't have a field to blend on. Anyone have any ideas how this can be done?

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Michael,


          I'm not sure what you are attempting here but I have created a view with 11,8, and 7 on it.  To link together the three data sources, you can use a bogus calculated field to link the data.  In this case, I created a field named [Link] and set it to 1.


          Then I created the Input number of recs as a field and the 'from Open' number of records as a field in the Output data sample Measures.  Once all three fields reside within the same data source, we can use Measure names/Measure values in the view to show each.  Attached is a 9.3 .twbx with this example as well.


          I hope this helps.




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