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    RE: Getting tc_build_number error in tabjolt

    laxmi rawat



      Please share an update on this.



      Laxmi Rawat


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      Subject: RE: Getting tc_build_number error in tabjolt




      Please share an update on this.



      Laxmi Rawat


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      Subject: Getting tc_build_number error in tabjolt


      Hi Team-


      We are using Tableau server v9.1.2 with high availability architecture having one primary and 3 worker servers.


      We are trying to install tabjolt to monitor performance of the workbook.

      We have installed all prerequisites for tabjolt  but when running go command it showing following error:


      Column "tc_build_number" of relation test_runs does not exist.PFA the postgreDBSchemaPart2.sql we are referring not sure what this column "tc_build_number".No such column mentioned in part of postgreDBSchemaPart2.sql.




      From postgreDBSchemaPart2.sql we have created following tables in Database postgres instead of Perfresults :




      We checked PerfRunHarness.properties as well.PFB details of this:


          DBType: postgres

          DBUserName: user

          DBPassword: password

          DBServerName: VW101204

          DBPort: 8060

          DBName: postgres



      On running the select statement on table which were created as part of postgreDBSchemaPart2.sql we are getting blank tables:



      Please guide what this error is for.There is no such column in test_runs.



      Laxmi Rawat







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          Russell Christopher

          Hi There!


          Please understand I'm not trying to be a troll here, but it sounds like you haven't followed directions correctly.


          TC_Build_Number does indeed exist in postgresdbschema2.sql - See for youself on line 81: tabjolt/postgresDBSchemaPart2.sql at 06a699091bb7160766ae872f43824902d2271cb0 · tableau/tabjolt · GitHub


          The fact that you also have some of the Tabjolt tables sitting in  your postgres database (not perfresults) shows you missed / ignored setup steps.


          I'd suggest you simply start again, creating the perfresults database per the documentation and postgresdbschema1.sql, then execute postgresdbschema2.sql inside the newly perfresults database. Based on the fact you went "off track" following the instructions its going to be difficult to understand exactly what you did wrong. SO ...give up and just start again, it'll be faster for you

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            laxmi rawat

            Thanks Christopher for your support.We already fixed this issue by running second postgres sql script.


            Can you please help us in following queries:

            1.What is value of d when running tabjolt from command prompt

            D=1 c=1

            2.can we set any value for parameter d and c?How can we use it?

            3.How can we analyse data from tabjolt like once it generate data in performance.twbs workbook how can we analyse it?Any doc on that?

            4.What is thinkbetweeninteraction value we can set?

            5.What is field test sample?

            6.Is max concurrent users are 300 for tabjolt?

            7.what is 95 percentile time,90percentile?

            8.Where to get more info on each fields used in performance workbook so that we can analyse data?


            Please suggest.




            Laxmi Rawat

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              Russell Christopher

              Many of your questions are answered in the install guide or in the comments directly inside the various config files.  Please completely read the install guide and files.


              1. Read the docs

              2. Read the docs

              3. Google It: Analyzing TabJolt Results - YouTube

              4. Sorry, don't understand the question. please rephrase

              5. Sorry, I'm not familiar with a field test sample. Please rephrase or expand on your question.

              6. There is no official maximum but a single injector is usually "good" for about 250-300. I've tested a single injector doing > 500 concurrent vusers, however.

              7. These are standard metrics related to application testing. If you aren't familiar with them, Google something like "95th percentile load testing" and you'll find articles like: Why Averages Suck and Percentiles are Great - about:performance

              8. See answer #7 - most of these are pretty common - you just need to search around a little. If you have a question about a specific metric, please post it along with what you think it does - we can tell you if your guess is right or wrong

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                laxmi rawat

                Thanks Rusell for your support.


                I have set up tabjolt successfully but I am having few more questions:

                1. I referred this link:

                How do I conduct scalability testing with TabJolt | From Data to Information

                and I am not able to understand where can I found testplan View60Sleep5Interact40Sleep5.jmx.

                Any idea how can we run this testplan.


                2. userpool.csv I have mentioned 100 users and in cmd I run command for d=120 and c=1 but I can see more than 1 user in serverso is this expected?

                If we define c=1 then only 1 user should come or more than 1 user we can see as recent users in tableau server.


                3. What is InteractVizLoadTest_RPSPateern.jmx testplan under customized testplan.


                4.What is InteractVizLoadTest_UltimatePateern.jmx testplan under customized testplan.


                5.How InteractVizLoad test different from ViewInteractLoadTest


                Please guide.



                Laxmi Rawat

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                  laxmi rawat



                  Please update on this.



                  laxmi Rawat