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    Month Over Month Change

    Brian Gardner

      I am trying to put together a filterable visualization for month over month change. I am using a LOOKUP() function to look back to previous months. I am also using a calculated field called First that is only FIRST() in order to index each month. I have added First as a filter and this allows me to filter my results to a specific month without impacting the LOOKUP () table calculation. That all works great (and is attached using Superstore data). The issue I am having is that my users will be filtering from period to period and with two years of data, that is 24 months to filter. Even with a slider filter, it seems unintuitive to filter something like "Show me the 17th month." I want them to be able to more intuitively select "Show me May 2015." I think that I can hack my way through it using a calculated field with a CASE statement, but I feel like there should be an easier, more elegant solution that won't impact my LOOKUP() function.


      If there is another way to get the previous month's value in order to calculate a difference in value that would make the filtering process easier, I am willing to try that out as well.


      Please help me out.