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    RE: Getting tc_build_number error in tabjolt

    laxmi rawat



      Please share an update on this.



      Laxmi Rawat


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      Subject: Getting tc_build_number error in tabjolt


      Hi Team-


      We are using Tableau server v9.1.2 with high availability architecture having one primary and 3 worker servers.


      We are trying to install tabjolt to monitor performance of the workbook.

      We have installed all prerequisites for tabjolt  but when running go command it showing following error:


      Column "tc_build_number" of relation test_runs does not exist.PFA the postgreDBSchemaPart2.sql we are referring not sure what this column "tc_build_number".No such column mentioned in part of postgreDBSchemaPart2.sql.




      From postgreDBSchemaPart2.sql we have created following tables in Database postgres instead of Perfresults :




      We checked PerfRunHarness.properties as well.PFB details of this:


          DBType: postgres

          DBUserName: user

          DBPassword: password

          DBServerName: VW101204

          DBPort: 8060

          DBName: postgres



      On running the select statement on table which were created as part of postgreDBSchemaPart2.sql we are getting blank tables:



      Please guide what this error is for.There is no such column in test_runs.



      Laxmi Rawat







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