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    Renamed fields in published data source not showing their new names

    Eva Murray

      Hi all,


      I'm using Tableau Desktop 9.2 and have created a 'Master' workbook to connect to my underlying Teradata view, create an extract, enrich it with number formatting, hierarchies, etc. and published this extract to Tableau Server.

      Part of my enhancement was to give many of the measures more friendly names than their original names.

      Once I connect live to the published data source in a new workbook, the updated field names don't show up. Some fields have friendly names and some don't.

      I don't understand why.


      I then tested the following:

      1. revert all the fields back to their original name in the Master workbook
      2. republish the data source
      3. refresh the live connection in my actual workbook - the field names don't change
      4. go through the renaming again to turn all the original field names into friendly names in the Master
      5. republish the data source
      6. refresh the live connection in my actual workbook
      7. again no change in how the field names appear.


      This is frustrating, where am I going wrong? I want the friendly names applied at the source so that anyone connecting to the published data source has nice field names to work with.

      I don't want to make these changes at an individual workbook level.


      Thanks for your help!