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    Level of Detail field as a dimension

    Joe Milo

      Hi - I'm having trouble using a level of detail calculation as a dimension- wondering if there is a workaround, or if I may not be using this correctly.


      I have 3 calculated fields, as shown below: The "outlier" field is a sum of 2 fields that are on 2 different rows. Both of the rows are associated with one FUND_ID.

      The second field is my LOD field. I only care about the Outlier total at the fund level.

      Lastly, my 3rd calculated field builds off the "Color_LOD" field. I am trying to use the "Color_LOD Ind" field as a dimension in a stacked bar chart. The total bar should be the unique # of funds, and each color_LOD value should be components of that bar.


      The problem I'm running into is that I can't use the "Color_LOD Ind" field as a dimension. When I create it, it automatically gets a "(Count)" put at the end of the fieldname, and when I drag it to the color pill, I only get one total/one color.


      Is there a way to use a level of detail field as a dimension, or convert it to something that can be used as a dimension?