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    SameValue-MultiField Highlighting

    Andrew Gandara

      I'm not sure if this has been answered already, so I apologize in advance if it has and I missed it.


      I'm displaying Attributes about Customers.

      I have 5 different sheets in my Dashboard to show these 5 Attrs. Clicking on a point on the scatter plot filters those sheets to show the attrs for that given customer. Easy, done.

      Then I want to click the Attr and have it highlight all the customers with that Attr. Semi-easy.


      Where my problem is that not all the customers with that attr are being highlighted. Only customers with that attr in that slot.

      Ex: Customer1 might have the attr "B", but displays in attr slot 1. While Customer2 also has attr "B", but his displays in attr slot 3.

      I click customer 1 and then click attr "B" from the attr sheet, it only highlights the customers that have "B" in attr slot 1.


      Is there a way to highlight all customers that have "B" as an attr regardless of what attr slot "B" is in?


      In my case the slot order does matter.

      In my attached example I'm using RowID because in my real data example each row is unique. Not the case with CustomerID in the Global Superstore, so sorry if that's confusing.



      - Andrew