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    Thumbnails not showing on Tableau Server when publishing with tabcmd --thumbnail-username


      Hello to the community, I have a question as stated in the discussion title.


      I have a workbook that I have created on the desktop, and it publishes fine. In this workbook, I employed the use of username() function in my calculated field, and as such, in the publishing options, I have to state which user do I generate the thumbnail with.


      I selected my username, published, and the thumbnail shows on the Tableau Server. Everything works as intended when I publish from the Tableau Desktop.



      In another attempt, I used tabcmd to publish from the tableau server, with the exact same file, same settings from before which I added --thumbnail-username "<Username>" with the tabcmd publish command. The workbook publishes successfully, but the thumbnail does not show up. It is as though I have published under the settings of "All Users" if I were to publish on Tableau Desktop.


      Does anyone have any idea? This will greatly help in my bid to automate some of the publishing processes that I aim to achieve.


      Using Tableau Desktop 9.0.4, with Tableau Server 9.0.2 here.



      Thanks in advance!


      -Toh Xin