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    Projections vs Actual in a single line chart

    Dileep Reddy



      I am trying to plot total projections versus Actual in a single chart which contains 2 lines - one is for total projections and the other is for actuals.

      But I am not able to do so because of the way the data is structured.


      In the data, we have two different columns for projections and Actual. I want the X-axis to be independent of these to columns so that I can create calculated fields for projections and acutals based on the x- axis.


      Is there a way to represent in a single chart. Sample workbook attached


      PS: P01 - stands for Period 1 and so and so forth. My objective was to plot projections versus acutals against each period (P1 to P13)

      Also I have manually added a 'Static Period' column so that I could calculate the projections and acutals based on this column and use this as a X-axis but I was unable to do so.