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    Identifying unique values in data set

    Amanda Thompson

      Hello! This is my first post and I am a new Tableau user so please bear with me


      I am looking to identify two different measures from the attached TWBX. First, I want to understand when a specific item is ordered, what other items are ordered with it. I have done that using this process (Create a Co-Occurrence Visualization Using Parameters and Sets | Tableau Software).


      Now I want to make a visual that shows what proportion of orders containing the selected item (in 'Order Contains' filter) are just that item (ie the only item in Order ID 1005 is Water) and what proportion of orders containing the selected item also include another item. In my current visualization, the orders of just the selected product in 'Order Contains' are showing as Null. Here are my questions:


      1) Can the "Null" have a dynamic name to show "[Item Description] Only" or something of that nature?

      2) Can I create a pie chart to show the % of orders with just the selected item of all orders containing that item?

      3) Are there any errors that you see with my methodology?



      Please note: This is a mock data set that I created - I am using proprietary data in my true Tableau visualization that I cannot share. This mock data is true to my issue in that I have unique Order IDs that have multiple products per order, each on its own row.


      Thank you for your assistance/patience!