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    Efficient way to enable geography-level access (e.g. EMEA employees can only see EMEA data/dashboard)

    Amy Card

      We started using Tableau in Jan & we set up 6 dashboards for our senior executives. These execs have access to view all dashboards.  Mid-level execs also have access to 1 or more dashboards so security has been set up for access to all dashboards for senior execs and group access for mid-level execs for specific dashboard access.

      Now we would like to give access to other employees access but these employees should only see access for their geography (e.g. Elroy in EMEA only sees data for EMEA, Larry in Latin America only sees data for LA). We have 5 geographies.

      I want to keep maintenance for data sources, dashboards & security as simple as possible. We use Tableau Desktop & Online, we don't use Tableau Server.

      Any suggestions for providing geography access as I described above?

      Thanks, in advance.