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    Rank sales in selected month by Top N products, and then chart performance back N periods

    Charlie Hutcheson

      Not the clearest of discussion titles, so let me elaborate! I'm new to Tableau and only have a loose grasp of fundamental concepts; hopefully this extra detail will make sense.


      I can't provide actual data, but the overarching concept can be applied to the 'Sample - Superstore' data - I'm referring hereafter to the 'Orders' worksheet. "All" I want to do is the equivalent of Rank the SUM(Sales) in a specified month, isolate the Top N Product Names based on that Rank, and then project backwards a set number of periods to see if the performance in the selected month was a "one-off" for those same Top N Product Names, or consistent with recent trends.


      So in real Layman's terms, my users might say "How did our Top 5 products in terms of Sales in March 2013 perform in the 5 months prior to that date?" I would hope to be able to specify the Order Date, Top N products and Prior N periods in parameters, and ultimately show a line chart where the Order Data axis "ends" at the parameterised Order Data, and charts backwards N periods, based on a calculation using the LAST() operator.


      As my Tableau experience is limited, I am struggling with this! It's easy enough to Rank Sales as required and isolate the Top N, but it's the secondary stage of using that Ranking as a filter which can be used to create an "anchor point" from which to pull historic data that is holding me up.


      Hopefully this is clear, but please don't hesitate to ask for any additional information / requirements. Thanks in advance for any input.