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    Grand Total Averages

    David Carr



      I have attached a workbook with a simple data set. There are 3 ways to average the data at an aggregate level, two of which I am able to accomplish, but the 3rd is the one I am looking for.


      As you will see in the attached:


      1) Attainment % Calculation is simply the (sum of all credits) / (sum of all quotas).


      2) Avg. Attainment is the average of each monthly attainment instance


      3) This is the one I am trying to figure out. I want to sum credit & quota at the individual level, and then average the results for every person. So for instance John's total attainment over the 3 month period was 84.1889% and Lisa's was 1.170599%. I then want to average those two numbers and be able to view that at the regional (US) level. The correct answer I am looking for is 1.006244%.


      Does anyone know how to create a calculated field for #3?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!