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    Multiple "Worksheet as Filter": Filter does not persist

    Luke Bailey



      I am building a dashboard that uses multiple worksheets with the "Use as Filter" selection.  I prefer this method because it allows me to build functional and aesthetic filters that are better than the quick filter options.  However, since these are action-based, I run into some problems where the filter from one does not persist when a second filter is deselected.


      As I can't share my workbook due to confidentiality, I will provide a fake example that mimics my use case:


      Filter 1: Gender (M/F) (Worksheet used as a filter)

      Filter 2: Status (Active/Inactive) (Worksheet used as a filter)

      Main Sheet: Sheet with names and information about the individuals


      If I select "M" from Filter 1 and "Active" from Filter 2, I now see all of the Active Males in the Main Sheet (as expected).  However, when I deselect Active, Filter 1 still shows "M" selected, but the Main Sheet now shows the entire list of values (including all the females).  Now the dashboard shows a filter still selected ("M") but the Main Sheet does not match the filter (includes Females).


      I get that these are not true filters and that they are action based with appropriate deselect actions, but is there anything I can do to make them more accurately reflect real filters?  If the sheet is "Use as Filter" shouldn't it actually behave as a filter and not just a one-time action?


      Please assist!


      Thank you