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    Daily Sales- Alignment Issue


      Hello All,


      We have two Fact Tables. In the custom sql query we have written query as.


      Select (all Col's) from Fact_Daily


      Union all


      Select (all columns) from Fact_monthly.


      We want to show material wise last 5 day sales. For example: we have Materials M1 & M2 with fiscal Date  as last 5 day sales ( May 3,4,5,6,9).



      Fiscal Date-Columns.


      For Material M1 we have last 5 day sales but for M2 we dont have sales for May 4th. We are getting alignment issue as we dont have sales on May 4th for M2. May4th sales for M2 is not getting displayed. I need to display blank or zero for the Days on which i dont have sales to overcome alignment issues.


      Note:: I have taken sample data in excel and created an extract in tableau. I am getting blank values for the days where I  dont have sales.Its working fine if i take excel as datasource. But in oracle server, i am unable to get blank or zero.

      Cannot provide you workbook.