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    How to disable Security Warnings while running VBScripts through Tableau Actions?

    Sudarshan Rajan

      I added a URL Action in my Tableau Workbook. The URL Action points to a Visual Basic Script located on a shared folder.

      Essentially, the URL link is something like:



      Whenever the action is activated (clicked), Tableau displays a Security Warning stating "This could run potentially harmful software on your computer. Do you want to continue?".

      Along with a Yes and No option, the warning message also has a check box saying "Do not show this again".


      The user can check this box and click on Yes and be rid of this warning message forever!


      However, is it possible for Tableau to not show this warning at all? I feel the warning ruins user experience.


      PS - The script by NO MEANS is harmful! I'm using it to simply have a count of how many times a particular action is used. That's all! I understand that the script can be used for something harmful but that isn't the case here.


      I have attached an image of the Security Warning.Please let me know if any further details are needed.