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    Adding CPU's Vs Adding additional worker for Backgrounder services ?

    Sunil Tikar

      Team ,



      We have 5 machine architecture - 1 primary machine and 4 workers . One worker dedicated for Backgrounder services ( No other tableau service running on this machine  )

      We are observing CPU utilization hikes on worker 4( where backgrounder services are running ,its the time when our extracts runs daily ) . What would be ideal in that situation - adding additional worker and allocate backgrounder services on it ? or Add CPU's ( hardware ) ?


      My assumption( Please correct me if I am wrong )  is Backgrounder services are single threaded process ,which means one Backgrounder service can process 1 extract refresh /subscription request at a time  . So it would be good to add another worker and assign Backgrounder services so that more extract refresh can run simultaneously and reduce the stress of worker single backgrounder machine  or  adding CPU's  to same backgrounder worker will fasten the speed of extract refresh ?


      Below is the screenshot of current services allocation



      Thanks for any help .