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    Postgre SQL - Not updating on server via schedule unless 'Run Now' selected under tasks

    Trys Harrison

      Hi everyone,


      Thanks for all the help (especially Shawn) so far. Learning quick!


      My latest query is to do with data connections and how they refresh - apologies if this is somewhere within the depths of the forum!


      The majority of our data connections are run off of extracts from a replicated Microsoft SQL server, however, for this report I'm running it off a POSTGRE SQL server. I'm using the same refresh schedule that i'm using for the other reports running off the replication server. For some reason the auto-refresh isn't happening. I'm not getting an error and if I click run now under the tasks section it runs just fine. I should probably mention that this report takes seconds to extract and also has a priority setting of 1.


      Any help appreciated